Welcome to Darryl Hall's website. Darryl is an associate professor of sociology at Harrisburg Area Community College. This site provides information about the courses he teaches and his professional interests.

Sociology is the academic discipline concerned with the scientific study of the social life of human groups and individuals. Sociology examines human behavior and attitudes in terms of the broader social, cultural, historical, political, and economic context. Sociologists recognize that while people have free will, their actions and thinking are significantly shaped by larger structural forces. Although sociology has been influenced by the theory and methods of the natural sciences, the study of human beings presents unique challenges and requires a variety of different methodological strategies.

The sociology courses offered at Harrisburg Area Community College are designed to help students master the core concepts and perspectives of sociology as well as develop critical thinking skills about the human condition. The courses currently taught by Darryl are listed to the right of this page.

Spring 2017 courses

SOCI 201: Introduction to Sociology

Fall 2017 courses

SOCI 201: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 202: Social Problems